About Us

Clemence Drilling, at 65 Main North Road is up there on the list of Canterbury Icons. Dave Clemence's(Owner) grandfather himself was active in the industry in the 1880s. Dave Clemence has spent seven years with the Department or Scientific and Industrial Research, over this time he has gained extensive experience and travelled to a lot of different places, including Antarctica. After this he established Clemence Drilling in 1986.

Clemence Drilling has expanded significantly over the years, it has changed from a single man to a full scale operation that employs around 60 people, has 130 registered vehicles and machinery, including 18 drilling rigs. All of this is contained in 10 acres of what resembles a busy industrial site.

Recent earthquake damage in Canterbury has placed extra responsibilty on Clemence Drilling over the past few years. A large amount of the 153 wells in Christchurch were knocked down with the earthquakes and it was a battle for the contractors to keep up the water systems.